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  • GP
    Always there .Read Full Review

    “Virgil Sales and his staff are just like family. A professional, friendly, and efficient agency for all your finances and all types of insurance. You can be assured to know the best is working for you . Always there .”

  • Kim Kenyon Cabral
    5 Stars!!!
  • Maryanne Callaghan
    Great insurance agency! Very capable and caring staff!
  • Bethany Sales
    Virgil and staff take the time to know their clients...Read Full Review

    “Professional, caring, and timely. Virgil and staff take the time to know their clients; they not only understand which plans will help you best now, but also those that are best for your future.”

  • Erika A.
    Extensive knowledge, very attentive staff, and very easy to work with.Read Full Review

    “Virgil is the man. I heard about him from a neighbor who had just purchased a homeowners insurance policy from him and were raving about how great he was (evidently he’s been selling insurance for decades and everyone knows him in East Providence.. think 30 degrees from Kevin Bacon kind of network, it’s Rhode Island afterall). And, I can see why. Virgil not only did my taxes and got me a WAY better deal on my auto insurance, but took a look at my financials and got me in the best financial shape of my life. The proof? I’m now living in Manhattan despite having student loans, a miracle in itself. 5 stars for this guy and his staff. Extensive knowledge, very attentive staff (I tend to ask a lot of questions), and very easy to work with. I’m a fan.”